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Call for Papers #03

On January 31st 2010, we start the CFP for the third issue of 452ºF Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature. This CFP is open and addressed to anyone that wishes to and that holds at least a BA degree.

The bidding terms, which are exposed below and that regulate the reception and publication of the different articles are subject to the content of the Peer review System, the Style-sheet and the Legal Notice. These can be consulted in the Procedures area of the web page.

The deadline is on March 31st 2010, all articles received after this date will be rejected.
The number of articles corresponding to this third issue will be between 12 and 16. 40% of these will be reserved to researchers without PhDs, and the Editorial board can only represent 20% of the total.
The articles will be placed, according to their field of interest, in the corresponding section of the journal (monographic or miscellaneous).
The monographic part will be restricted to 6 to 8 articles and, in this third issue, will approach the relation between Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, without rejecting nor excluding scopes of investigation, both theoretical and practical:

a)Contributions of Literary Theory to Cultural Studies: the analyses of texts not necessarily considered literature (cinema, television, music and other products of mass media).
b)The literary text as cultural device: different readings from Cultural Studies.
c)The problematization of literariness.
d)Analyses of popular and mass literature.
e)Diachronic Cultural Studies: relations with the historiography of literature.

The journal commits itself to organizing a thematic bibliography of the available studies on the topic, following the perspective proposed in the Monographic section of the web page.

All other articles will constitute the miscellaneous section and, placed within the margins of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, the choice of the theme and approach is free.
The articles will be sent to the email The "subject" of the email should state what section the article belongs to ("monographic" or "miscellaneous"), the name of the author and the title of the article.

Barcelona, January 31st 2010
452ºF Journal