Henry James in Theory - James Society session for MLA Convention, 1/6 /11 - 1/9/11, Los Angeles

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Henry James Society
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The Henry James Society welcomes proposals for its session at the MLA Convention, January 6-9, Los Angeles.

Henry James in Theory:

From Poulet, Blanchot, Todorov and Cixous to Deleuze, Butler, Bhabha, Sedgwick, Bersani, Kittler and Žižek, Henry James has been a persistent presence in the discourse of literary and critical theory. This panel invites proposals for papers exploring: James's deployment in particular theoretical texts or in the work of particular theorists; his value or function for various theoretical schools or enterprises; the relation between the theorists' James and James as theorist; and/or broader meditations on the implications of James's attractions for, and surfacings and circulations among, the theorists. Send inquiries or 300 word abstract plus brief cv by March 12, 2010 to David McWhirter, d-mcwhirter@tamu.edu.