Where's the Pedagogy in Digital Pedagogy? (MLA 2011; abstract deadline 3/15/2010)

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Nirmal Trivedi / Georgia Tech

What is digital pedagogy? What does it offer? Does it promote more engaged learning, greater information literacy, or critical engagement with technology? The term "digital" invokes blogs, wikis, content-management systems--in other words, a host of tools. In light of this emphasis on tools, what happens to the pedagogy? What role, if any, should these tools play in our teaching of literature and composition? Do these new digital tools require or enable new teaching strategies, or do they simply provide a different platform for replicating traditional methods?

We are inviting scholars, teachers, and other professionals to join a roundtable session on how to define--or perhaps redefine--"pedagogy" in a digital context. We welcome discussions of how digital pedagogy intersects with other topics of current interest, such as engaged/service learning, critical information studies, information literacy, portfolios/assessment. How does digital pedagogy enable or encourage (or foreclose or discourage) these and other teaching strategies/methodologies?

250-word abstract due 15 March; nirmal.trivedi@lcc.gatech.edu.