CFP: [African-American] Roundtable: Modernist Anthologies (4/30/08; MSAX 11/13-11/16/08)

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Sarah Kerman
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Anthologies bring together disparate texts under one title, theme, or
rubric, implicitly arguing in favor of juxtaposition (or “aesthetic
interaction,” as this year’s theme calls for) as a preferred literary mode.
The anthology is often cited as a mechanism of canonization, for it
declares its unique selection of texts both necessary and sufficient for
its declared purpose, whatever that might be. Less frequently discussed,
however, are the historically situated editorial judgments that, by
including or excluding, categorizing, excerpting, abridging, or footnoting
modernist texts, turned the genre of the anthology to their own more or
less polemical ends. As a roundtable, this session aspires to bring
together a wide variety of anthologiesâ€"literary, artistic, musicalâ€"to
discuss not only in what forms and on what bases modernist works are
anthologized, but also what “the modernist anthology” might mean as a
generic label.

Possible topics include but are not limited to: ethnography and folk tale
or folk song collections; anthologies and canonization; multi-generic
anthologies or compilations; editorial discretion/indiscretions;
nationalist or trans-national anthologies; the anthology vs. the museum
exhibit; the anthology as manifesto or polemic; the role of a text or
author in one anthology or across several.

Please send a 200-word abstract and brief (2-3 sentence) bio to Sarah
Kerman at by April 30, 2008.

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