Men in Feminism

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University of California, Riverside
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Men in Feminism

UC Riverside (dis)junctions Conference 2010, April 9-10
Conference Theme: States of Crisis

The general focus of this panel is the theorization, criticism, and/or pedagogical implications of men in feminism. Several existing studies have looked at the “problem” of male feminism within academic discourse and classroom instruction, notably Feminism Without Women (Modleski), Engendering Men: The Question of Male Feminist Criticism (eds. Joseph Boone and Michael Cadden), Men Who Believe in Feminism (Goldrick-Jones), Feminism With Men (Schacht and Ewing), and Female Impersonation (Tyler). Is it true that men who identify as feminists are “colonists” of a sort, attempting to “penetrate” the boundaries of and gain leverage within a field of study whose aim, ironically, has been to resist male domination and enlarge female autonomy? Are male feminists “theoretical impersonators” whose interest in feminism is simply a desire to wield a form of disciplinary and discursive power often denied to them? What should be the ethical responsibilities of a male feminist, and how do they differ from those for women? How might these questions be brought to bear on feminist literary criticism, feminist literature, feminist sociology, feminist anthropology, feminist film criticism, feminist psychoanalytic criticism, or feminist political activism?
Finally, in keeping with the overarching theme of this year’s (dis)junctions conference, we ask how or whether male feminism constitutes a crisis for feminism, in its multiform articulations and concerns? Is it possible to conceive of male feminism as a productive crisis? We welcome submissions addressing any part of this broad theoretical topic.
Paper topics may include but are not limited to:
-Male authored feminist literary criticism
-Representations of male feminism in literature or film
-Subject-positions within feminism
-Transgendered men and feminism
-Minority discourse studies and feminism
-Queer theory and feminism
-Men and feminist pedagogy
-Male feminists in academia

Submission Deadline: March 5, 2010

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