History and Migration: "Beyond the Border, Behind the Men. The Invisibility of Female Migration"

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University of the Basque Country - Department of Modern and American History
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The main subject of the meeting will be the study of female migration. We would like to propose to open an space for the reflexion on both the relevance of female migration as an autonomous process within the general frame of historical migratory processes, especially overseas, and the supposed "invisibility" that still afects the knowledge of this important chapter. Actually, there have been some degree of misunderstanding, and even unknownness, on the role played by women in the development of migrations, from the very first moment of taking the decision of migrate, to the processes of adaptation and integration in the host society, as well as their role in the transmission of ethnic features as language, religion or customs from the Old country.

We are mostly expecting, both general epistemological or methodological overviews on the issue, as well as results of case studies on any migratory process within and from Europe abroad in the last four centuries. There will be no limit on the perspectives used by the authors to approach this issue, if they are focused on studying and/or contestualising the role played by women in migrations.

Each accepted participant will make a 30 min. presentation of his/her paper, followed by the questions of an opponent and a time for open discussion. All the participants will be encoraged to participate in discussions in order to better the results of the seminar.
Proposals of papers addressing this issue can be submitted to the organizers before September 15, 2010, by email, providing: name of the autor(s); title, and a short abstract of no more than 300 words. The language of the seminar will be English; although papers on Spanish will also be accepted, nevertheless their authors will be asked to present at least a short abstract in English.
Participants will be confirmed by the end of September. An early version of the papers will have to be submitted to the organisers before Dec. 1, 2010, in order to provide the discussants time enough to prepare their questions.

The host institution of the event will be the University of the Basque Country in Spain (http://www.ehu.es). The seat of the seminar has not been decided yet. The seminar will be held at the town of Portugalete, near Bilbao (Spain). Anyway for your information, the best way to get to any destination in the Basque Country flying from abroad is the airport of Bilbao (IATA code: BIO; 70 km. from Vitoria-Gasteiz and 15 km. from Portugalete).

The dates will be December 13-15, 2010.