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Virtual World Education
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Virtuosity: Dedicated to Virtual Education

Virtuosity is a new, blind peer-reviewed e-journal focusing on distance education, hybrid learning and teaching experiences. As a third party service provider dedicated to serving educational institutions and their virtual world needs, Education Services Management Group has assembled a number of virtual world educators and administrators to serve as editors and peer reviewers for an audience of virtual teachers, administrators, and students. The journal is expected to publish quarterly, beginning on the 15th day of April. Therefore, we are soliciting pieces for this new, ongoing education e-journal with a rolling deadline.

In recognition of the growth of distance education and hybrid learning, this e-journal brings the voices of instructors, administrators, and students together in an effort to inform distance educators, programs, and institutions about virtual education. Virtual experiences in education come in many forms and take place throughout the curriculum. While virtual education and immersive technology have developed tremendously throughout the last ten years, it is only appropriate to reflect on how old challenges have been overcome and to share our knowledge as we face new challenges that have developed. The journal accepts submissions referencing any 3-dimensional, virtual reality program, such as Second Life, Heritage Key, Reaction Grid and others.

We encourage instructors, administrators, and students to reflect on their virtual reality teaching, administrative, and learning experiences. For their convenience, we are providing a partial list of topic areas that might be considered for submission. This list is only a beginning; please feel free to expand as your imagination allows:

i. Getting "buy in" from administration (pros or cons)
ii. Uninformed colleagues and related experiences
iii. Students and their desire/reluctance to participate
iv. Building a virtual environment for your department/institution
v. Incorporating additional technology in a virtual environment
vi. Meeting ADA requirements
vii. Training teachers/students to use a virtual world
viii. Lesson plans
ix. A personal experience in a virtual world
x. Avatars: what they represent and to whom
xi. How-to articles (open range)
xii. How real should virtual reality be?

For submission of articles and lesson plans, please use MLA formatting and send:
* Completed article or lesson plan (2000-4000 words)
* Abstract (100-200 words)
* 3 to 5 Keywords
* Brief CV

For submission of short story, please send:
* Short story (1500-2000 words)
* Abstract (100 words)
* 3 to 5 Keywords
* Brief CV (students send instructor referral contact information)

For submission of Book Review, please use MLA formatting and send:
* A link to the e-book or a copy of the book reviewed
* Word-limit: 200-500 word
* 3 to 5 Keywords

For submission of Video Review, please use MLA formatting and send:
* A link to the online video/TV program or a copy of the video/DVD reviewed
* Word-limit: 200-500 word
*3 to 5 Keywords

For Letter to an Author or Reader, please use MLA formatting and send:
We cannot guaranty that an author or reader will respond, but recognizing that your voice deserves to be heard, we are happy to engage in this opportunity. Please remain collegiate in your attempt to communicate.
*Specific reference to the article discussed
* Word-limit: 150-250 word
* 3 to 5 Keywords

For a How-to Request, please send:
We cannot guaranty that we can answer your questions or find someone who can, but we recognize that your request might actually represent the voice of many; thus, we encourage you to send your request.
*Specific request, including the virtual reality platform you are referring to
*Word-limit: 150-250 word
*3 to 5 keywords

All submissions:
*Please use MS Word
*Send your submissions as attachments
*Have a cover letter with your contact information as a first page
*Do not include your name on any other pages
*Send to:

Website address:
Please send submissions and queries to: