Call for Submissions: Writing Our Environment

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The IOWA ENGLISH BULLETIN (journal of the Iowa Council of Teachers of English)

Call for Submissions
Iowa English Bulletin, Issue #45: Writing Our Environment

Matthew Dickerson (2006) explores The Environmental Vision [in the literature] of J.R.R. Tolkien. M. Jimmie Killingsworth (2005) suggests how the professional communication field may invoke environment and ecology to reconsider conventional research methods. Hothem et al. (2009) describe an ecocomposition pedagogy that helps students recognize contextual influences when writing. Terry Gifford (2008) reviews how ecocriticism augments creative writing workshops.

Many scholar-teachers who work primarily in text creation and consumption spot opportunities in the ways environment is being intellectually refigured. Issue #45 of the Iowa English Bulletin, a journal coming back into circulation after a 14-year hiatus, itself embodies our field's attention to environmental topics; the process of transforming the IEB into its new online format has necessitated defining how technology is an environment for scholarly production.

Inspired by this journey, the Guest Editors of the IEB "reboot" issue consequently invite manuscript submissions discussing how scholar-teachers in English Studies and in Iowa write our environments.

Possible topics concerning environment include

* textual composition
* textual production
* definitions of research and scholarship
* pedagogical philosophy and strategy
* reader experience and analysis
* technological implications for any of the above.

Submission requirements are located at the IEB's temporary home at . The deadline for submissions is May 21. Issue #45 is scheduled for publication in Spring 2011.