Modern Literary Theories;A Critical Approach

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Dr. Sunita Sinha /Avant Garde: A Literary Forum
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Respected Sir/Madam,

'Avant Garde - A Literary Forum' invites an article from you on for an upcoming anthology on Modern Literary Theories to be edited by Dr. Sunita Sinha.

Other publications from this editor are-

1. Graham Greene: A Study of his Major Novels
2. Post-Colonial Women Writers: New Perspectives
3. New urges in postcolonial literature: Widening Horizons
4. Reconceiving Post colonialism : Visions And Revisions
5. Postcolonial Imaginings: Fissions and Fusions
6. Critical responses to Kiran Desai
7. New Perspectives in British Literature, Vol.1
8. New Perspectives in British Literature, Vol.2
9. Indian Booker Prize Winners, Vol 1 [in press]
10. Indian Booker Prize Winners, Vol 2 [in press]

Preferred topics areas being:
• New Criticism
• Archetypal/Myth Criticism
• Psychoanalytic Criticism
• Marxism
• Postcolonialism
• Existentialism
• Avant-Garde/Surrealism/Dadaism
• Structuralism and Semiotics
• Post-Structuralism and Deconstruction
• Postmodernism
• New Historicism
• Feminism
• Genre Criticism
• Autobiographical Theory
• Travel Theory
The forum requests for your contribution in approximately 3500-5000 words. All references and notes should be incorporated preferably according to MLA style sheet. Copy of your article as - Hard copy (Print out), soft copy (CD) and a copy by Email, would be preferred by 15th of April, 2010.
Yours sincerely
Dr. Sunita Sinha
Editor: Avant Garde – A Literary Forum