"Encountering the Text: Reading, Teaching, Theorizing, Writing" [UPDATE]:Graduate English Conference, April 24, 2010

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Southern Connecticut State University
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The eleventh annual Graduate English Conference at Southern Connecticut State University seeks submissions for "Encountering the Text: Reading, Teaching, Theorizing, Writing."

This year's theme invites participants to consider what it means to encounter a text. The OED defines "encounter" variously as "to meet as an adversary; to confront in battle, assail"; "to meet, fall in with"; "to meet with, experience (difficulties, opposition, etc.)"; "to face resolutely"; "to go to meet"; and "to accost, address." We are looking for conference papers describing encounters with texts that fall anywhere on the spectrum suggested by these definitions—encounters that may be hostile, fraught, ambivalent, pleasurable, transcendent, or some combination of the above.

We are interested in theorizations, interpretations, and representations of the entire range of texts produced in our society, so we invite submissions from a host of disciplines, including but not limited to English, Rhetoric and Composition, Creative Writing, Linguistics, Comparative Literature, American Studies, Art History, and Cultural Studies.

While the Conference is organized to meet the needs of graduate students, we welcome contributions from academics at all levels.

For individual papers, please submit a 250-word abstract and a brief biography (only 1-2 sentences). For panels, please submit a 250-word description of the panel topic in addition to the individual paper submissions. Submissions should be sent to Nicole Fluhr at fluhrn1@southernct.edu by March 22, 2010. Please include the title of your paper, school affiliation (if any), and e-mail address along with your submission.