Authoritarianism and Oppression in Cultural Production - Journals and collections of essays- Deadline: 31 May 2010

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URI- Universidade Regional Integrada (Brazil)

Call for papers for a collection of essays on various aspects/ approaches on authoritarianism and oppression in cultural production. The twentieth century was characterized by various forms of oppression, violence and authoritarianism, which led Eric Hobsbawm (1995) to define it as the "Age of Extremes". Totalitarianism on the international level – including the Nazi-fascism, the socialist dictatorships, and American-Hispanic dictatorial governments – as well as the New State and the Military Dictatorship, in the Brazilian context, focus on the relationships between individual and society. As it is known, complex modes of subjectivity determine specific conditions for the aesthetic experience. Papers that address topics related to pain, forgetfulness, melancholy, problems of language and writing, trauma, and various forms of oppression in literature, cinema, painting, sculpture, and photography are welcome.

Literatura em Debate is a refereed e-journal of scholarly research in the field of literature, published by the Graduate Program (Master of Literature) at Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões (URI) – Frederico Westphalen (RS, Brazil). Original submissions ––essays and reviews (works published in the last 12 months)–– are invited. Literatura em Debate accepts submissions in Portuguese, English and Spanish.