Dissecting DEXTER: Critical collection; 11/30/2010 (abstracts); 05/30/2011 (essays)

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North Carolina State University/University College Cork

Dissecting Dexter: Television on the Cutting Edge

This collection will bring a variety of perspectives and critical approaches to bear on Dexter (2006-2010), the award-winning Showtime series featuring arch serial killer Dexter Morgan. In addition to cable and network television (CBS) broadcasts in the U.S. and abroad, Dexter has spawned a video game and an animated web series.

We invite 18-25 page essays that address aspects of style, genre, theme, ideology, venue, industry, new media, and celebrity, among other possible subjects.

Potential topics:
CBS and Showtime
Serial Killers and Series Television
Emotion and Deviance
Blood Sports
Erotic forensics
Camp and the Police Procedural
Performativity and Normativity
Miami, post Vice
The Aesthetics of Blood Spatter
Six Feet Under and Dexter
Jeff Lindsay's Dexter novels
Latino culture in Dexter
Family dynamics/siblings/incest
Dexter: the video game

For more information, or to submit an abstract, please contact the editors:
Maria Pramaggiore (North Carolina State University)
Gwenda Young (University College Cork)

Submit 500 word abstracts by November 30, 2010 (complete essays by May 30, 2011) to