Submissions for Anthology of Men's Prespectives on Pregnancy

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She's Pregnant Not Crazy

Submissions for Anthology: She's Pregnant, Not Crazy: A Man's Guide to Surviving Pregnancy

Submissions needed for anthology of essays, recollections, or warnings by men for other men (250 - 750 words) that tackle the journey of pregnancy from humorous, quirky, male perspectives.

A generous dose of wit is a must for what will be a groundbreaking book for fathers to be. Funny stories related to unexpected complications with conception or well meaning advice to get your boys to meet the egg (e.g. keeping her legs up after the deed), to tales of surviving the first trimester including her morning sickness, cravings, and hormonal changes are all fair game.

Snippets that address her wackiness during pregnancy such as nesting instincts, compulsive shopping, cleaning, or other unusual behavior and anecdotes about life after the momentous event are also welcome.

Submissions may include color or black and white illustrations with captions sent as .pdf or .jpeg files.

Submission deadline: May 1, 2010. Send contribution with brief bio, by Word attachment to