Animals and War: A Collection of Essays, Proposals due May 28, 2010

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Dr. Ryan Hediger, La Salle University, English
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Animals and War, A Collection of Essays: Call for Papers

I am editing a collection of essays from any discipline and period treating the topic of animals and warfare. Dolphins in the U.S. Navy, the dogs in Vietnam, Iraq, and elsewhere, elephants, pigeons, horses, mules, and many more—millions of nonhuman animals have been subjected to and participants in human warfare. What can we learn from this often invisible history?

Sample questions to consider:
-What are the particulars of animal use and animal experience in war?
-What narrative patterns emerge in describing animals' roles in war?
-How do animals respond to warfare biologically, emotionally, and so on?
-What does the use of animals in war tell us about them and about humans?
-How can theories of biopower be informed or put to work in cases of animals and war?
-How does the use of animals in warfare affect theories and philosophies of war?
-What contradictions emerge in the use of animals in war?
-What symbolic roles have animals played in specific warfare scenarios?
-In the deterritorialized, liminal spaces of war, what new conceptions of animality and of humanity emerge?
-What ethical questions arise when animals are used in war?
-What are the challenges of representing animals in war?

Chapter proposals should be 450 words maximum. Please include a brief CV with your proposal. Proposals are due May 28, 2010. Chapters will be selected by June 30, 2010. Completed chapters will be due September 3, 2010 (and should be 5000-8000 words long).

Please send proposals (as attachments) and questions to Dr. Ryan Hediger (La Salle University, English),