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About IJCL
Computational linguistics is an interdisciplinary field dealing with the statistical and/or rule-based modeling of natural language from a computational perspective. Today, computational language acquisition stands as one of the most fundamental, beguiling, and surprisingly open questions for computer science. With the aims to provide a scientific forum where computer scientists, experts in artificial intelligence, mathematicians, logicians, cognitive scientists, cognitive psychologists, psycholinguists, anthropologists and neuroscientists can present research studies, International Journal of Computational Linguistics (IJCL) publish papers that describe state of the art techniques, scientific research studies and results in computational linguistics in general but on theoretical linguistics, psycholinguistics, natural language processing, grammatical inference, machine learning and cognitive science computational models of linguistic theorizing: standard and enriched context free models, principles and parameters models, optimality theory and researchers working within the minimalist program, and other approaches. IJCL is a peer review journal and a bi-monthly journal.

IJCL List of Topics

The realm of International Journal of Computational Linguistics (IJCL) extends, but not limited, to the following:

Comparative Surveys that Critique Previously Repor
Computational Linguistics
Computational Models
Computational Theories
Corpus Linguistics
Formal Linguistics-Theoretic and Grammar Induction
Information Retrieval and Extraction
Language Generation
Language Learning
Linguistics Modeling Techniques
Linguistics Theories
Machine Translation
Models of Language Change and its Effect on Lingui
Models that Address the Acquisition of Word-order
Models that Combine Linguistics Parsing
Models that Employ Statistical/probabilistic Gramm
Models that Employ Techniques from machine learnin
Natural Language Processing
Quantitative Linguistics
Speech Analysis/Synthesis
Speech Recognition/Understanding
Spoken Dialog Systems
Web Information Extraction/Mining

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