Theorizing the Law of God and the Law of Man in Late Medieval Literature

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Andreea Boboc, Kathleen E. Kennedy

Theorizing the Law of God and the Law of Man
in Late Medieval Literature

We are inviting interdisciplinary contributions on law and literature for a collection of essays that theorize the law of God and the law of man in late medieval literature (English and continental). We hope to receive submissions that explore various aspects of law: common, canon, civil, or customary law. We welcome theoretical angles that are in themselves interdisciplinary, such as cultural anthropology, social/cultural history, or critical theory. We see this volume as a contribution toward what Anthony Musson calls "the new legal history" – an exciting emerging field that values the intersection of law, literary texts, and culture. Interested contributors might consider the following topics, though these are guidelines and in no way limitations:
● Questions of Gender, Identity, and Subjectivity
● Construction of the Self (legal, social, philosophical, anthropological)
● Legal Spaces (geographical, urban, liminal)
● Legal Performances and Legal Language
● Discourses of Truth and "Truthiness"
● Crimes as Sins and Sins as Crimes
● Limits of the Law (precedents, conflicts of jurisdiction)

Brill has agreed to consider publishing the volume, and the paperwork will be finalized once abstracts have been selected. The deadline for 150-200 word essay abstracts is September 15, 2010. Initial publication decision will be made based on the abstracts and contributors will be notified by November 15; however final selections will be made following receipt of complete essays. Final submissions of complete essays will be due March 1, 2011, should follow The Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition), and should be about 9000 words. Please email abstracts to Andreea Boboc,, and Kathleen E. Kennedy,

Feel free to attend our session at ICMS, "Theorizing the Law of God and the Law of Man," Saturday, 10am, Bernhard 157. We look forward to beginning a conversation!