African American Literature and the "Post-Racial," African American Literature Section at the M/MLA in Chicago, Nov. 4-7, 2010

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Gregory Laski
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Presumably heralding a new era of colorblindness or the end of racism more generally (if not both), the term "post-racial" has acquired a great deal of currency recently, not only in political discourse but also in academia. What does the African American literary tradition contribute to our current conversation about the "post-racial"? How might we define the term? Is the "post-racial" the product of our particular historical moment or does it have a longer genealogy? What are the problems and/or possibilities associated with the "post-racial"? This panel seeks papers that address these (or related) questions from the perspective of African American literature, culture, or theory of any era. Please send 250-word abstracts by June 1 to Gregory Laski, Dept. of English, Northwestern University,