Reading the Visual Text: Visual Rhetoric in a Visual Culture (SAMLA conf. 2010, special session, abstracts due June 15, 2010)

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Alice Myatt / Georgia State University
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This panel invites participants to explore the ways in which reading visual texts plays out in our increasingly visual culture. From the bombardment of images used in advertising, to the moving image that adapts printed text to the cinematic screen, to the increasing centrality of visual images in digital spaces like Facebook and Second Life, our culture is one that often takes for granted the interplay between text and image.

Proposals for any presentation connected to the field of visual rhetoric are welcome.

Presentations may seek to answer any of the following questions, or they may offer a perspective on visual rhetoric that connects to the convention theme "The Interplay of Text and Image":

  • How does the field of visual rhetoric connect to our visual culture?
  • How do we as educators remove the transparency of our visual culture and use visual rhetoric to foster the critical reading and examination of visual texts?
  • What is the "visual grammar" that might help us to make use of what Gunther Kress refers to as the "regularities" (Kress & Van Leeuwen 1996, Kress 2003) that our visual culture has produced as the interplay between text and image becomes ever more pervasive in all forms of communication?
  • In what ways does visual rhetoric explicate the rhetorical activities of social networking and blogs?
  • What strategies have you found helpful in teaching students how to critically examine the visual?

DEADLINE for proposals: June 15, 2010

Please limit abstracts to 500 words; presentations should be 15 minutes in length.

Chair: Alice Myatt, Georgia State University
Secretary: Mary Hocks, Georgia State University

Contact Name for Submissions: Alice Myatt,

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