MAPACA -- Television Panel; Alexandria, VA, 10/28/10-10/31/10 (Submissions Due 6/15/10)

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Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association
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Television's impact on socialization and information is enormous. In this regard, the television interest area for MAPACA seeks to investigate the relationship between television and our lives. How do we define our lives, our self-knowledge according to the images provided by the medium of television? From the WWE to Oprah to Survivor to CNN and beyond. Are we being provided rigorous information to help the individual be a productive citizen in a society? Have we been socialized, at least in part by television, to be merely consumers? Is television's role to challenge or pacify? Can we expect programming which examines the issues of our complex lives; or must information be made reductive in order to appeal to an average? These are some of the questions we seek to answer, and anything else you want-- as long as it deals with television's complicated relationship to our lives, especially right now.