MAPACA -- Visual Culture Panel; Alexandria, VA, 10/28/10-10/31/10 (Submissions Due 6/15/10)

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Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association

Visual culture acknowledges the vast changes in our cultural
environment, affected by relationships between new technologies, art and media forms and the massive production of images. While the field of visual culture encompasses all things visual it also contests traditionally set boundaries between high and low culture,
particularly in regards to the onslaught of digital imagery that has
been presented by cyberspace and the Web. The Information Age has presented us with an overabundance of visual stimulation that we must negotiate daily, and the Web, a much touted site of hyperstimulation, appears as a vehicle that primarily facilitates mass consumer consumption. Finding meaning in images requires looking beyond the mere contexts of their presentation to a much broader social and political arena. Presenters are invited to submit papers on visual culture from diverse positions that question how we sift through this visual clutter in an effort to reinterpret and represent our environment through imagery and subsequently find meaning in the everyday.