Women of Africa and the diaspora -Space/territory 12 /6-7-8 2010

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University of maine France - University of Algiers Algeria

Women of Africa and the diaspora
New writings, new spaces, new territories
Within the actual globalisation which implies standardisation of societies and individual behaviours, it is worth reconsidering the vision (s) of /on African women wherever they happen to be. Space / territory, not only on geographical and social terms, but also mental and subjective ones will be addressed. Literary expressions speak of subjects at stake with socio-cultural and political realities, producing authentic discourse (s) taken from truths and counter truths which will be discussed and debated. It is only in the 80's that the first written works by women entered in number African literatures. Voices from anglophone, francophone or lusophone worlds broke the silence. These rebel African women introduce contestation through their visions of the society they live in. They redefine the feminist space through negociation of territories which they occupy, desire or reject. What are the terms of such a negociation? Is the negociation real or symbolic? What are the writing strategies of these women writers? What are the theoretical approaches? How have African women writers occupied the literay space in the last decades ? What is the reception of their works and what is their impact on their societies? Answers are bound to be transdisciplinary. The conference will address the most recent tendencies of women writing in Africa and the diaspora.

Paper propositions (300 words and a bio-bibliography) have to be sent by 6 /20/ 2010, to:
Ben Lebdai : benaouda.lebdai@univ-lemans.fr