Methods Past and Current 17-21 June, 2011

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International Society for the Linguistics of English
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** BOSTON** 17-21 JUNE 2011*

The New England Committee the ISLE meeting invites workshop proposals that address approaches applicable to one or more fields of linguistic analysis. This first call for Proposals on Workshops has as a deadline of *30 September 2010* for submissions.

This call for proposals aims at continuing the tradition of excellence established in Freiburg, 2008. The workshops at ISLE1 had clear themes, almost all the talks offered complementing one another. For example, the workshop on Linguistic Methodology included approaches to corpora and text: techniques for compilation, quantitative analyses, lexical sampling, identifying phrasal units, and framing patterns of pragmatic exchange. The group of eight talks for this workshop also sparked many questions and ideas for further study across genres, dialects, varieties, both current and past. ISLE2 plans to offer a platform for on-going explorations in methodology, generated at ISLE1 or elsewhere.

While there is a preference for workshops on method, ISLE2 also welcomes excellent proposals on other themes.

The Organizing Committee and the Executive Board of ISLE suggest the following format in drafting a proposal, i.e. that it should include:

(a) a 2-page exposition of the theme(s) that the workshop will address, including where appropriate, reference to specific corpora or texts for analysis;

(b) a 1-page bibliography;

(c) an estimate of the likely number of talks that the workshop will encompass;

(d) a list of participants and their affiliations (if already known);

(e) list of equipment needed for presentation.

(f) length of papers (up to twenty minutes plus ten minutes for discussion), and length of the workshop (up to three hours and a half to four hours. There may be a coffee break or even a lunch break.)

Please submit two copies of your proposal as an email attachment (in plain text or PDF format). One attachment should containonly the proposal, the other only the author and title of the proposal or abstract. Your proposal should be sent to both Eugene Green and Bruce Fraser, using the following addresses:

Eugene Green: or Fax 617-353-3653Bruce Fraser: