Modernism and the New Persuasions [4/30/10; 11/11-14/10]

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Modernist Studies Association Panel
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Modernism and the New Persuasions
This panel will explore the ambivalent and complex relationship between modernist literature and the corresponding rise of political propaganda. While the interaction between mass culture and modernism is a topic of interest in modernist studies, this panel seeks to focus specifically on forms of mass culture that participate overtly in the propagation of political messages. Paper proposals may consider the connection between modernists and their politics, including the potential influence of propaganda posters, newspapers, political organizations (left or right), or the rise of radio and film on the literary field. Panelists might consider the way that condensed political messages and increased studies of public opinion have been interpolated into modernist works. Finally, papers might explore how artists both participate in an increasingly dire political environment and keep in abeyance the "politicized" labels that might undermine the position of the literary field as distinct from its political counterpart.

Please send a 250-word abstract and a brief biographical statement to Megan Faragher ( by April 30, 2010.