Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the English-speaking World (no closing date)

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IDEA: Interdisciplinarité dans les études anglophones
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Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the English-speaking World

This series, entitled "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the English-speaking World," examines the theoretical and practical crossover between fields and disciplines, as well as their methods, concepts and analytical tools, concerning the evolution of English studies in France, where interdisciplinarity has grown increasingly visible on the university level but has rarely itself been the object of inquiry.

This series publishes monographs, collections of articles, and conference proceedings consistent with this reflection on interdisciplinarity, interdisciplinary studies, or the use of interdisciplinary methodologies in the field of English studies. All submissions are examined by a reading committee under the responsibility of the director of the research group IDEA. To submit a book for possible publication, please contact