CALL FOR PAPERS: Cultures of Militarization and the Military-Cultural Complex

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TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies
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Cultures of Militarization and the Military-Cultural Complex

TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies

Theme Double Issue, Summer/Fall 2010. Ed. Jody Berland and Blake Fitzpatrick

For this special issue we seek papers that address cultures of militarization or that raise questions concerning the ubiquity of militarization as a presence woven into the fabric of civic culture. We also open the possibility of holding the terms culture and militarization apart, in order to investigate the ways a militarized presence is normalized or critiqued in private, public and national narratives.

Government policy, public support and resistance to militarism are urgent matters during a time of war. Representation plays a key role at this time because it is employed to shape public support and to aid in the manufacture of information, disinformation and the technological spectacles of contemporary conflict.

What role is left for human agency in a technologically driven and rationalized militarization of culture that controls access to military sites and relegates public knowledge and participation to the side-lines of what has been called the military industrial complex? What does it mean to rewrite relations of power in terms of a new military – cultural complex? How might such a complex redraw the temporal and environmental modalities of modern conflict? How can such critical rewriting resist the equation of infinite militarized perpetuation with normalization, and attend to affective forms of public response that have been opened or closed by cultures of militarization?

We invite papers that address the following suggested (but not limiting) topics:

- Public access, cultural invisibility and contested sites of militarization
- Tim Horton's in Afghanistan: troops in conflict and tropes of nationhood
- Militarization and Media: information, disinformation, modes of militarized response and counter-response to conflict
- New communication technologies: time, digital reportage, soldier diarists and the instantaneous battlefield
- Environments of militarism: space, toxicity and the ecological wastelands of war
- Normalizing Conflict: the popularization of military methods, discourses and vernaculars
- Research, Conflict and Conflicted Research: channels of exchange between the military and the university
- Frontier Aesthetics: violence and special effects in the military-entertainment complex

Please note that we have decided to extend the original deadline, invite more papers and visual works, and publish it as a double issue for 2010. The new submission deadline is May 15, 2010.

Please consult for submission guidelines.

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