Queer Popular Culture (5/14; 7/16)

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Thomas Peele, Boise State University
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I am seeking one additional article to include in a paperback edition of Queer Popular Culture: Literature, Media, Film and Television.

Submissions concerning all areas of contemporary queer representation are welcome, including political activism, queer subjectivity in international contexts, and queer subcultures. I am particularly interested in essays that address two recent trends in the representation of gay and lesbian characters. The first of these is the emergence in the last five years of relatively young characters (well under 18) who either identify as gay (Glee, Weeds) or who are identified by others as gay (until recently, Ugly Betty). The second trend is the emergence of story lines that address the complicated, painful conditions of the closet (Madmen, Brothers and Sisters). These two trends share what appears to be a media concern to present a more nuanced view of gay and lesbian characters that goes beyond the simple exploitation of contemporary stereotypes (as in Will and Grace). What does it mean that these young characters have entered the pop culture lexicon? How do we reconcile the current voting defeats of gay rights and the rise of compassionate representation? If this move in popular culture represents a broader, more inclusive view of queer communities, then how should queer theory respond? What are the political and social conditions that have lead to this relatively dramatic change in representation?

Please send proposals of 500 words by email attachment to Thomas Peele at tpeele@boisestate.edu. The proposal should contain your name and contact information and a description of the article you intend to write. I will also accept completed manuscripts and will consider reprints of journal articles and book chapters. Documents should be submitted by Friday, May 14. Notification of acceptance will be sent by Friday, May 21. The manuscript must be completed by Friday, July 16.