CFP: [Cultural-Historical] MLA 2009: British Imperial Masculinities and Popular Culture

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Keguro Macharia
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While the last decades of the nineteenth century are widely understood as a
period of shifting contours in imperial constructions of gender and
sexuality, we wish to consider how the two world wars and decolonization
significantly alter the shape of British imperial masculinities in pop
culture. We are interested in popular culture constructions of late
imperial and post-imperial British masculinities (egs, Biggles, James Bond)
as they circulate in both colonial and metropolitan spaces. Both, how they
attempt to shore up masculinities, how the shored up, reconstituted
masculinities circulate within and attempt to shape post-imperial
relations, or alternatively, how they predict and prepare for its demise.

Suggested media/genre include, but are not limited to:

 1) Popular Espionage Novels (also 'literary' adaptations of the genre)
 2) Adventure Novels
 3) Graphic Novels
 4) Films (War, Propaganda)
 5) Memoirs and Autobiographies
 6) Advertisements
 7) Children's Books
 8) Magazines

Please submit a 250 word abstract and a one-page CV by March 1, 2009, to
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