Ain't Got No Money: The Blues and Social Class, PCA/ACA, San Antonio, TX, April 20-23 2011

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SWTX Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association
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The blues is a truly American aesthetic, political, spiritual, and social force, and the blues is a musical art form with traditions in both rural and urban environments. It has ties with both the church and the devil, with both political protest and apolitical existentialism. This proposed panel is interested in proposals that evaluate song, literature, journalism, visual texts, or (auto)biography to extend ideas of how the blues challenges historical, contemporary, or cultural theoretical assumptions of social class in American art, history, literature, and culture. Presentations will be twenty minutes. Emphasis will be given to proposals that focus upon particular texts, productions, or individuals that use the blues as a commentary on class in America. Authors may wish to embed their own presentation inside a current cultural or historical critical conversation.

Proposals may include:

• representations of the blues in any historical period
• the blues as a spiritual force
• the blues as a secular force
• the blues as political empowerment
• the blues as an obstacle to political empowerment
• the blues as a trope
• the blues' relationship to economics
• blues, masculinity, and social class
• blues, feminism, and social class

Please send titled proposals of 200 to no more than 400 words, along with a short CV of publications and conference presentations, as in-body text (no attachments) to by July 1. Upon panel completion, this panel will be forwarded for acceptance to the PCA/ACA area chair for final approval. Successful panelists will be notified initially of their acceptance by August 1, and they will be notified again upon the panel's acceptance by the PCA/ACA area chair.