25 - 28 November, 2010: Strange Bedfellows or Perfect Partners - the role of literary studies in creative writing programs

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Australian Association of Writing programs and RMIT University, Melbourne

Literary studies advocates have long argued that writing programs have contributed to the decline in literary studies. Creative writing teachers and others have responded by noting the different ways in which literary studies engage within creative writing programs, offering more forensic readings which examine texts differently, not just as best practice examples to inform creative practice but through more varied and cross-disciplinary conversations with the cultural, social and industrial notions of writing. These tensions between the 'creators' and the 'critics', between product and process, continue to engage academics, most notably in the ways in which they design their teaching, facilitate their students' approaches to texts or their own creative or critical research outcomes and fields. Through such debates the role of national literatures is also contested. How, for example, might writing programs engage with questions of nationhood? Such debates about national literatures within the academy highlight different approaches to identity and nation. What might these developments mean for the ways in which writing teachers approach their current programs and just how might wider global issues about writing and literary studies shape the future?

The conference aims to establish a dialogue between writing and literary studies with a view to exploring new directions in the teaching, researching and public place of both disciplines.

Papers are sought on the following themes:

- Exploring the nexus between creative writing and literary studies
- New approaches to creative writing and literary studies within the academy
- The product of writing versus the process of writing
- The critic and creative writing within the academy
- New media, technology and computer-based learning
- Locating creative writing in new research directions (such as practice-led research, and ERA and RAE evaluations)
- Voice, identity and agency within literary and creative writing studies
- The possibility of "creative reading" and the teaching of "reading" as a new pedagogy
- Indigenous writers and writing
- Re-examining 'the canon'
- New media, technology and computer-based writing, reading and learning
- National literatures - inclusion or new imperialism?
- Higher degree research directions in creative writing and/or literary studies
- Issues in the supervision and/or examination of higher degree research in creative writing and literary studies
- Writing and literature in festivals, events and cultural tourism
- Any other appropriate conference-related topic

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