1ST INTERNATIONAL "50's GENERATION" CONGRESS - 25th, 26th and 27th November 2010

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Instituto Superior da Maia (ISMAI, Porto, Portugal)

In the 25th, 26th and 27th November 2010, there will take place, in Instituto Superior da Maia (ISMAI, Porto, Portugal), the 1st International "50's Generation" Congress, under the responsibility of the Centro de Estudos em Letras (CEL) and the Centro de Estudos de Língua, Comunicação e Cultura do ISMAI (CELCC).
Although there is no homogeneity in the esthetical and cultural tendencies stated by romancers, poets, dramaturges, essayists and artists who were revealed during the 50's decade, there seem to exist some defining traces which led the critic into conceiving the notion of "50's generation". The valorization of constructive processes and the consciousness of Modernity, beyond any dimensions committed to Art; the constitution of groups gathered around periodical publications; a mental atmosphere marked by the skepticism towards utopias and by the influence of the existentialism, among other aspects, are some of the elements that compete for the identification of this generation.
In the attempt to promote an enlarged discussion about this generation's legacy and actuality, this Conference will be open to contributions around the following lines of thought:
-Fifties poetry: fusion and rupture fields;
-After the social novel: the importance of writing processes;
-Theatre of the absurd and Experimental Theatre;
-The maturity of the South American literature;
-The Independence of the African literatures;
-Fifties Generation: a cinematographic generation;
-Specificities of the Fifties Generation within the Iberian Peninsula;
-Critic's and literary history scientific affirmation;
-Art: new figurations and non-figurations;
-Chains of thought of the post-war generation.
The organization of this scientific encounter encourages the presentation of communications situated within these or other pertinent lines of thought, centered in the study of the fifties generation importance in contemporary literature, art and culture. The communication proposals and respective summary (15-30 lines) must be submitted until the 31st July, to:
cvieira@docentes.ismai.pt; inovo@docentes.ismai.pt; helenapadrao@hotmail.com