Undergraduate Scholarship on Joss Whedon's Work (due date: 09/01/2010)

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David Kociemba/Watcher Junior (Whedon Studies Association)
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David Kociemba, editor of Watcher Junior, invites your students' submissions for publication in the sixth issue of Watcher Junior, a refereed, online journal for undergraduate student scholarship in Whedon Studies.

Completed essays and research papers will be reviewed by two members of the board. Essays that do not receive approval for publication will be returned with feedback for re-submission.

We welcome completed essays and research papers on any aspect of Joss Whedon's work. All papers should exhibit familiarity with previously published scholarship in Whedon Studies.

Submission guidelines: http://watcherjunior.tv/submit.php

FAQ: http://watcherjunior.tv/faq.php

Past issue: http://www.watcherjunior.tv/04/