UPDATE: Extended Deadline: May 20 - The Futures of Postcolonial Studies:Challenges, Opportunities, and New Horizons

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Almila Ozdek / University of Maryland
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The Future of Postcolonial Studies: Challenges, Opportunities, and New Horizons


Postcolonial studies has offered one of the most influential perspectives of the last few decades in critical studies, and drastically changed the way we look at ourselves and at others as it has investigated the mechanisms of dominance. However, as the field expanded its territory to include other fields such as gender studies, it has not been one without debates and contentions as its links to dominant systems were investigated.
This panel will try to hold light on what awaits postcolonial studies in near future. In what specific ways must postcolonial theory revise itself to meet the new challenges of a world that is more merged and more polarized at once? What are some potential tools/venues/perspectives that postcolonial studies must employ in order to answer to the new critical challenges? Of specific interest are papers which examine the current problems or challenges within postcolonial studies and which offer possible methodological solutions to such problems. Focal points may include, but are not limited to the themes below:

. new orientalisms/occidentalisms in US and worldwide.
. new identity questions.
. nationalisms.
. war and terrorism, profiling, and postcolonial theory.
. citizenship.
. religion and secularism.
. new language policies.
. popular culture and postcolonial theory.
. new directions in race and ethnicity studies.
. new directions in gender studies.
. new directions in critical theory.
. digital humanities.
. new forms of representation and postcolonial studies.

We are expecting papers of no longer than 15 minutes. Please send the proposals to almila74@gmail.com by May 20 for the SAMLA convention that will take place in Atlanta, Georgia in early November.

Almila Ozdek, Ph.D.
English Department
University of Maryland