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Eugene Green/ International Society for the Linguistics of English
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ISLE2 is to meet at Boston on 17-21 June 2011. The Society invites abstracts for talks and poster sessions: deadline 30 September 2010. You are free to choose from several fields of English language study, but the thesis of your abstract will be most welcome if it centers on matters of methodology. Talks will be allotted twenty minutes for presentation and ten minutes for discussion. Poster sessions, thirty minutes each, provides time for summarizing and discussing your work.

In aiming at some coherence for the talks and poster sessions at the meeting, the Committee has a preference for abstracts centered on any of the following fields: corpus linguistics, typology, perceptual dialectology, and pragmatics. These fields include such topics as regional, social, and cultural patterns in dialects, varieties, and Standard English, patterns of exchange in written and oral registers, phonological change, and metrics from Old English on.

The listed fields and topics, though preferred, are flexible enough to accommodate excellent abstracts on other issues for inclusion in the 2011 schedule of talks and poster sessions.

The New England Committee and the Executive Board of the International Society for the Linguistics of English suggest the following format in drafting an abstract. The abstract should include

(a) a 1-page exposition of the theme for the talk or poster session.
(b) a brief , supportive bibliography;
(c) a list of equipment needed for presentation .
In submitting a proposal or abstract, please use two attachments (plain or PDF format). One attachment should contain only the proposal or abstract, the other only the author and title of the proposal or abstract.

Your proposal should be sent to both Eugene Green and Bruce Fraser, using the following addresses:
Eugene Green: or Fax 617-353-3653
Bruce Fraser: