Theology and Literatures in English --- call for assistance

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Theology has hardly been part of any real liberal arts course in literatures in English. So to say, we have stopped at either deconstructing, queering or psychoanalyzing literary texts. On the one hand theologians have disdained literature as being too relativistic; literary critics on the other hand have avoided engaging with theology in fear of being branded bigots. Theology, of course, can be done from many relevant angles, eg. postcolonial theology, postmodern theology as well as queer theology to name a few ways of doing theology. Again theologies may be different: Protestant, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu et al. But our focus will be literary texts which need to be, so to say, theologised. For example, how can we read Thomas Pynchon, Margaret Atwood or even Dean Koontz in terms of Catholic theology? How can we read say Freud in the light of Buddhism? Or does Shankaracharya's glossing of the Upanishads show us a way to gloss Shakespeare anew?

I want to start a forum, a journal and a web site with this kind of strong theological focus. At this point in time, I would want some dedicated folks who might want to collaborate with me. We have to start from naught in all three counts.

I am a tenured Assistant Professor in English, currently on PhD completion sabbatical located in Calcutta, India.

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