Lord Dunsany Essay Collection

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Tania Scott and Douglas Small, University of Glasgow

Lord Dunsany- New Readings
Collected Essays

"Two players sat down to play a game together to while eternity away and for their board they chose the sky from rim to rim, whereon lay a little dust; and every speck of dust was a world upon the board of playing."

Since the publication of The Gods of Pegāna in 1905, the Irish writer Lord Dunsany has occupied a unique place in the canon of fantasy literature. A favourite by figures as diverse as Lovecraft, Yeats and Borges, he continues to attract devotees in the twenty-first century. This collection of essays aims not only to address Dunsany's works themselves, but also to relate them to wider critical, historical and theoretical fields. Accordingly, it will focus on: Lord Dunsany's influences and the historical and literary context for his works; his connections to his contemporaries and early twentieth century literature and culture; and his literary legacy which has influenced writers to the present day.
We welcome broad engagement with the themes from contributors. Subjects may include but are not limited to:

- The influence of travel narratives on Dunsany's works
- Dunsany and game theory / playing
- Feminist readings of Dunsany
- Dunsany and his illustrators
- Postcolonial or imperial elements in Dunsany's writing
- The Gothic and Dunsany
- Dunsany's Orientalism
- Ecocritical readings of Dunsany
- Dunsany in relation to Irish history and literature
- Dunsany's position on the modern and/or the urban
- The history of the weird tale and Dunsany
- Dunsany's influence upon 21st century fantasy / Magical Realism
- Dunsany and drug culture / the occult

Please send abstracts of no more than 500 words by 1st August 2010 to the editors via email at tania.e.scott@googlemail.com Complete submissions of around 6000 words will be required by the end of December 2010, with a view to publication by a major academic publisher in the UK in 2011.

For more information or informal enquiries about topics please contact tania.e.scott@googlemail.com