ELN 49.1 "Transnational Exchange" Submissions due 10/1/10

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English Language Notes

Call for Papers - Deadline for Submissions 10/1/10

ELN (English Language Notes) 49.1 (Spring/Summer 2011)

"Transnational Exchange"

As global flows of texts, media, persons, goods and cultures traverse national borders, what is gained, what is lost? How do we compare these modes of being, knowing and aesthetic expression as they move from one context to another? From what critical ground? This special issue of ELN invites contributions that investigate the epistemological, aesthetic, economic, cultural, social, political and/or disciplinary histories and methodologies of transnational exchange in an effort to determine critically the stakes and premises of such exchange.

For instance, if we think of transnational exchange as having been drawn from the Western philosophical tradition of cosmopolitanism with its conceptions of responsibility and attentiveness to the foreign and the strange, do we unwittingly invite older formulations of European universalism that erase historical nuance and specificity? Alternatively, can we reconceptualize cosmopolitanism as long having sought to maintain historical specificity and alterity in the "contact zone"? Can it register injustices on behalf of those erased by asymmetries of power? What are the conditions of possibility within transnational exchanges for transforming the self-other/East-West/North-South dyad? Can transnational exchange alter consciousness and initiate a decentering awareness of one's limited, contingent position? In what ways do national interests, cultural institutions and socioeconomic alignments shape the itineraries of the transnational circulation of ideas, peoples, and goods?

We welcome contributions on a broad range of issues and topics, including but not limited to:

•The dynamic formation of national, ethnic, and religious identities, their commonalities and differences across transnational exchange;

•The philosophical self-other problematic, reciprocity,

•The transformation and exchange of world literature/music/art;

•Transnational populations, biopower, migrations, diaspora;

•Methodologies of translation and comparison;

•Historicizing transnational exchange;

•The role of the state in creating and prohibiting transnational exchange;

•Disciplinary knowledge and transnational transgression.

Of particular interest are those working in underdeveloped regions of the world where the power differentials of transnational exchanges are particularly disadvantageous to indigenous and/or colonized peoples.

Position papers and essays of no longer than twenty manuscript pages are invited from scholars in all fields of literature, cultural, gender and ethnic studies, history, sociology, philosophy, art history, media studies, and the arts. Along with analytical, interpretive, and historical scholarship, we are also interested in work that moves traditional forms of literary analysis into new styles of critical and creative writing. We also encourage collaborative work, short position papers submitted together as topical clusters or debates, three to four page notes (see below), and review essays on relevant books.

A respected forum since 1962 for English literary studies, ELN (English Language Notes) is now a biannual journal devoted exclusively to special topics in all fields of literary and cultural studies. The new ELN is particularly determined to revive and reenergize its traditional commitment to shorter notes, often no more than three to four pages in print. This attribute of the journal provides a unique forum for cutting-edge scholarly debate and exchange in the humanities.

Please send double-spaced, 12-point font contributions adhering to the Chicago-style endnote citation format in hard copy and as a MSword file on CD to the address below:

Special Issue Editor, "Transnational Exchange"
English Language Notes
University of Colorado at Boulder
226 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0226

Specific inquiries regarding issue 49.1 may be addressed to the issue editor, Laura Winkiel, at laura.winkiel@colorado.edu. The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2010.