CFP: [African-American] race and new media

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annie seaton

May 3, co-sponsored by, the City University of New York, and

"Race and New Media": An Interdisciplinary, Multi-Media Conference in Downtown Brooklyn:
keynote speakers: Omar Wasow (Harvard,, Joel Rainey (Harvard)

We are interested in papers that deal with any aspect of the relationship between "race" and "new
media." We're interested in questions like the following: does race work differently in the "new"
media than it did in the "old" media? Network news, for instance, was widely derided as a nearly
diversity-free zone. Is the blogosphere different? How do video games, blogs, chat rooms, and
other forms of "new" media and "digital" or "virtual" spaces construct or reflect notions of race?
What kinds of "new" identities and/or communities exist in these "new" digital spaces? How is
new media being used to make connections, to empower communities, and/or to control,
colonize, or dominate them? In other words, are there digital forms of "cultural" imperialism?
Feel free to propose papers on any of these topics, or to invent your own! There is also space for
multimedia/conceptual presentations as well as more trad formats. Submit paper topics for the
following panels, or gather a few friends/colleagues and submit a proposal: "Constructions of
Obama," "Virtual Racism," "ALL-CAPS," "Race, New Media, and the Church," and "What is New
Media?". Submit proposals of between 3 and 600 words to or We need your submissions by April 7, and papers of between
1500 and 3000 words to be uploaded onto our website by April 15. Format: pre-circulate
papers w/discussion, as opposed to traditional academic paper delivery. Participants may be
selected to apply for edited volume of essays. Food, dance, multimedia, and free organic t-shirt
for all selected panelists. If you're just interested in attending, email to register.


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