The Colonizer/ed

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Shirin Sharar Teimeurtash

The colonizer comes from the sea or from the sky and mistreats the natives. Cruelly, he claims the land of the natives, then makes them slaves in their own home and exploits their labor. Interestingly in "A very Old Man with Enormous Wings" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, things are reversed. The colonizer is to be colonized to fulfill the promise of taking revenge! A very old man with enormous wings comes from the sky; he speaks a language different from the natives, Pelayo, Elisenda and others. His enormous wings are supposed to be the source of his power over the humans (probably the natives) with no wing. But he is not powerful. He is "dressed like a ragpicker. There [are] only a few faded hair left on his bald skull and very few teeth in his mouth." His condition is really "pitiful." This pitiful description of an outsider who easily resembles a colonizer rather than "awe and fear" conveys "surprise."
This paper's focus is to provide a study of the description of this very old man with enormous wings, an angel or a devil, in the natives' discourse and it would continue to find the points of resistance that is rooted in the collective unconscious of the natives. The writer's haunted memories of the past experience of being a colonized would be also a point of the interest here.