The Complexity and Originality of Camus's Writings - NeMLA convention April 2011

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Emmanuelle Vanborre

This year marked the fiftieth anniversary of Camus's death. His death interrupted his career as Camus was still writing when he had his tragic accident. Fifty years later, his work still has a tremendous impact on XXIst century literature. We still find his writings interesting and relevant, and they seem to offer comments on our world and our literature today. Throughout his life and career, Camus demonstrated a high concern for writing, for the other and for social and political events. Camus was involved in communism and then backed-out, he took a stance in the Algerian independence process, etc. He was often considered an existentialist writer, and some critics still view him as an existentialist. But his writings and thinking demonstrate that he cannot be classified in that category. In his articles, in his fictions, in his more philosophical work, the ideas he expressed and the way he expressed them, always keeping in mind the importance of writing, are indeed evidence of the fact that he transcended categories and could not be easily labeled. This impossibility contributes to the richness of his writings.

In this panel, we would like to explore and understand the complexity of Camus's work. We invite approaches that concentrate on the original aspects of his writings and would like to explore how and why they are still relevant for us today. Possibility of publication after the conference. Please submit 300-word abstracts in English or French to Emmanuelle Vanborre ( before September 30, 2010.