[UPDATE] The Emergence of the Posthuman Subject

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University of Surrey
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The Emergence of the Posthuman Subject

An Interdisciplinary Conference at the University of Surrey, 2-3 July 2010

Over the past two decades theories and critical practices associated with posthumanism have become an increasingly significant presence in the Arts and Sciences. Inspired by the radical innovation that period has seen in information and communication technology, philosophers and writers have hailed what amounts to a break with the humanist tradition that has underpinned western civilisation for over five-hundred years.

This conference sets out to trace the Emergence of the Posthuman Subject, in fields as diverse as literature, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, film, palaeontology, zoology, theatre and physics.

The event takes place this July at the University of Surrey, the institution at the forefront of space exploration technology in the UK, and situated right in that territory west of London, criss-crossed by flight-paths and motorways, celebrated as a source of endless fascination in key novels by JG Ballard.
Confirmed keynote speakers:

Dr. Andy Mousely (University of DeMontfort)
Professor Steve Dixon (University of Brunel)
Prof. Robert Pepperell (Cardiff School of Art and Design)

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All information relating to accommodation should be available through the link below to the website for the Institute for Advanced Studies which is hosting the event. Here you will find information on travel and the local area, information on the price and location of campus accommodation, and links to hotels in the area recommended by the university.


David Ashford (D.Ashford@surrey.ac.uk)
James Riley (rjer2@cam.ac.uk)