Poster Presentations: SAMLA 2010

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In addition to traditional paper sessions and roundtables, through the poster presentation session, SAMLA welcomes visual presentations as well. The subject matter for the proposal may be in any area related to languages and literature, including the special focus: "The Interplay of Text and Image." This topic invites presentations that explore the cross fertilization between text and image through a variety of traditional and modern means--including film, art, illustration, photography, and visual rhetorics. The topic especially lends itself to the "poster presentations" session because of the emphasis on the visual. Please know that while there is a special focus, we welcome and encourage proposals outside of this topic area as well. We also would be open to visual displays that reach beyond the limits of a "poster"- photography, art, illustration, electronic media or other formats and designs.

The visual representation should serve to explicate the researched topic. In the proposal for this session, author(s) are encouraged, but not required, to explain how their research will manifest itself in the presentation.

Examples of how a poster presentation may be utilized for our disciplines:
 Examining the staging of a particular play,
 Tracing the origins of a symbol or metaphor within a text,
 Presenting research on illuminated manuscripts,
 Providing data on methods and their effectiveness, and
 Charting linguistic trends within a particular community.

Poster presentations are frequently utilized in the sciences to effectively convey research and data.
Presenters are asked to visually represent their findings and conclusion on a poster in a designated space. By standing or sitting by the poster, researchers are able to interact with those interested in their work. While this form of presentation is new in the study of literature, composition/rhetoric, and linguistics, the Program Committee believes this method will create new opportunities for discussions about literature and language, and may spark innovative ways of thinking about the field.

Presenters will be required to be present for a designated two-hour period during the convention when the poster display will be available to attendees. Typically, the session takes place at the same time as one of the receptions at the convention to allow for high visibility and attendance. Computer display equipment and other technology may be used, but must be provided by the participant.

By July 28, 2010, please submit an abstract of no more than 250 words describing the intent and overall theme of the presentation to session chair David Parker, English Department, Gardner-Webb University, at