Feminist Studies in English Literature, journal issue

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Korean Association of Feminist Studies in English Literature
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Call for Papers

The Korean Association for Feminist Studies in English Literature (KAFSEL) invites papers for Feminist Studies in English Literature (FSEL), volume 18, number 2.

KAFSEL was founded in 1992 to encourage advancements in literary criticism and theory from a feminist perspective while raising awareness of feminism within the academic community. The Association serves as a forum for scholars and graduate students to discuss a wide range of topics in English literature, cultural studies and social issues as they pertain to feminism. The Association has been active in sponsoring national and international conferences, workshops, publications and various other programs to realize its twofold ambition: to introduce Koreans to the changing currents of feminist studies abroad and to present Korean scholars' interventions in the ongoing debate.

FSEL is a bi-annual journal that is published in June and December. Our journal covers varied subfields of British and American Literature including Asian-American and Asian British Literature. FSEL welcomes manuscripts that develop an original argument in English literature or culture from a feminist/gender perspective. We are interested in papers addressing recent developments in feminist studies from a wide range of national, cultural, social contexts.

Papers should include a 200-word abstract of the paper and a submission form which is available at www.fsel.org.

Please send submissions to Kyung-Sook Shin (kssk@yonsei.ac.kr or ggumma77@gmail.com) by August 31, 2010. For more information on our association (KAFSEL) and our journal (FSEL), please consult www.fsel.org.