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I'm writing on behalf of a new reflective art journal, #3 , setting up here in London. As a journal, we are invested in providing a critical exhibition space through publication for artists from all over the word, dispersing critical/academic and creative reflection on art/architecture/aesthetics, with a particular intellectual focus on questions of spatiality/geography/physical structure/environment. Our forthcoming collaborations include explorations from an collaborative art studio in Kenya's Kibera slum, and comparative reflections on Cambodian temple architecture.

What we are calling for from students and thinkers from across the world are reflections and explorations of the various forms of art which fascinate you. We do not want to pre-articulate what 'art' means, and our only strict criteria are that these reflections break from mould of ethnocentric ways of thinking/imagining about aesthetics, and that all contributors are passionate about what they study and explore.

Our inaugural issue, entitled, Traverse #3 , is due for release in September 2010.

Accepting submissions of any of these three types:

-/flash reflections (250-500 words)/: a dense display of interesting and insightful thoughts about any fascinating, under-exposed manifestations from all over the world. Completely open format - include multi-media of any sort: video, recorded voice, photos and illustrations, flash or programming code (where appropriate), etc.

-/medium length pieces (1500-2500 words)/: a longer reflection, but no less open-formatted than the shorter ones. We welcome experimental reflections, alternative points-of-view, and diverse interpretations of what 'art' means.

-/longer essays (upto 5500 words)/: a more familiar essay-style. Given the length, pieces will have to be very succinct, illuminating, and rich. Each word should be justified. Still very open to experimental styles of reflection however, though will only accept such long work with a very high degree of academic rigour.

As primarily an art journal, we welcome - and encourage - experimental styles of academic reflection.* Also, we highly encourage contributions from students not working in or around traditional art/cultural studies departments. Mathematicians, philosophers, scientists, medical students, engineers, economists; all reflections on art of all types, no matter how unconventional, will be considered.

Final Deadline for submissions for Traverse #3 is 15 August 2010, though if you're interested in collaborating with us, please get into a dialogue with one of our editors before that so we can work out the finer details with you personally.

For more information, check out our site [www.journal3.org], or get in touch.

We look forwards to hearing from many of you shortly.

- Joshua McNamara, literary editor for #3