Modernist Literature and Economic Theory Website Project (12/31/2010)

full name / name of organization: 
Tudor Balinisteanu
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Contributions are invited for a website connecting modernist literature and economic theory: . This is intended as an ongoing collaborative project.

The site consists of three main pages containing cross-referenced material. One page lists authors with derivative links to fragments from their works. Another page lists economic theory/ concepts. And a third page lists criticism connecting the theory/ concepts with the texts and authors.

Contributions to the site should be in the form of:

- a relevant piece of criticism;
- a suggestion for uploading a relevant piece of text which should be short or for which copyright should have expired; and/or
- a definition/ explanation of an economic theory concept.

Fair use guidelines are strictly adhered to.
All authored submissions will be referenced on the page where they are placed. Suggestions for uploads will also be acknowledged in a list of contributors placed on the Home Page.