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Call for Papers

'Scaping the Territories: Critical Explorations of Farscape

To be edited by Dr. Sherry Ginn

A scholarly treatment of the award-winning science fiction series Farscape is currently under consideration for publication by McFarland Publishers as part of its Critical Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy series (series editors Donald E. Palumbo and C. W. Sullivan III). This book, tentatively entitled, 'Scaping the Territories: Critical Explorations of Farscape will be a collection of articles, with the general objective of increasing the critical academic exploration of this series. A book examining Farscape has been published previously (Battis, 2007), which addressed divergent social issues such as masculinity and femininity, sexuality, racism and imperialism. The proposed book aims to expand discussion of these issues and of the series by examining the myriad ways in which academics/fans envision themes explored during the airing of the original series, and its extension into print media, including graphic novels.

The following is a list of topics, meant to serve as a guideline. It is by no means exhaustive. All relevant topics related to Farscape will be considered.

Particular stories or story arcs
Particular characters and their evolution over the course of the series
Character relationships
Peacekeeper Philosophy
Comparison of PK authority figures, e.g., Crais, Grayza, and Scorpius
The Nature of Evil, e.g., Scarrans, Peacekeepers, and Humans
Is there a Farscape canon? If so, what is it and how is it addressed in the print media?
Fans and the fan community
Gender and/or sexuality
Mental illness
The continuing story as told in Farscape the Official Magazine, the novels, and the graphic novels
The Peacekeeper War
Production issues, such as the use of puppets, CGI, and live actors
Examination of the hero mythos as related to particular characters, e.g., D'Argo, Aeryn, Crichton
Religion and spirituality

Deadline for formal proposals is 1 December 2010, with final drafts expected 1 May 2011. Please email me at: with your proposals and any questions you may have concerning the project.

Sherry Ginn, PhD
Rowan Cabarrus Community College
1531 Trinity Church Rd
Concord, NC 28027