Post-War Serbian Film—2011 SCMS Panel in New Orleans (03/10-03/13)

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Zoran Samardzija, Columbia College Chicago; Steven Shaviro, Wayne State University

This panel explores Serbian Film post-1999 and the NATO bombings that marked the end to a decade of wars throughout the former Yugoslavia. Since then, Serbian films may not have received the same international attention as those released during the wars, perhaps because the former Yugoslav Republics and the Balkans no longer hold the same perverse fascination in the Western imaginary. Yet, the last decade has produced the most disturbing and challenging films since the Yugoslav "Black Wave" cinemas of the 1960s. Prospective panelists are invited to submit proposals on recent Serbian film in relation to topics including but not limited to:

· The NATO bombings

· The overthrow of Slobodan Milošević and his subsequent Hague trial

· Post-war reconciliation and war crimes

· Anxieties or critiques about global capitalism and Serbia's integration into Europe

· Pornography and the incorporation of pornographic imagery into narrative films

· Representations of crime and extreme violence; comparison to recent "extreme cinema" from other countries

· The relationship filmmakers exhibit to classical genres such as Horror, Film Noir, and War Films

Please send a 300 word abstract to and by August 10th.