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Infra-thin is Marcel Duchamp's word for measuring the almost imperceptible margins of difference between two seemingly identical items. Infra-thin measures the all but immeasurable interstice between two things or ideas as they transition into and between one to the other, the passage between sense and non-sense, and the delay or deferral of these passages between the senses themselves.

Infra-thin is impossible to define; it can only be illustrated. The difference between adjectives and nouns is infra-thin. So is the act of forgetting. Other examples from Duchamp include an object at one time and then one second later (the identity principle), the warmth of a seat that has just been left, a stare, people who go through subway gates at the last moment, the whistling sound made by velvet trousers when walking, a painting on glass seen from the unpainted side, or the space between recto and verso. And Infra-Thin Press.

Infra-Thin Press minces words with contemporary visual culture, both in the content and design of our books. We currently publish or plan to publish scholarly and experimental texts at the interstices of philosophy and literature, critical theory and design, philosophy and technology, poetry and visual studies, and selected marginalia in between.

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