Masculinity in Welty's Fiction (American Literature Association, May 26-29, 2011)

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Eudora Welty Society
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Glamorous Scoundrels, Vaunting Heroes, Protective Fathers, Wandering Lovers: Masculinity in Welty's Fiction

This panel will consider the roles men play in Welty's work. Welty's men are robber bridegrooms, protective fathers, glamorous scoundrels, vaunting heroes, adored rapists, overseers, optimists. What can we say Welty does with male gender identities? How does she construct, revise, parody, adore, or critique the performance of masculinity? What do we learn from looking at men in one or several of her fictions? What do we learn from looking at groupings of her father figures, or of her husbands, her sons or lovers? Is there a relationship between the father we meet in One Writer's Beginnings (that is Eudora's own), the fathers in her "autobiographical" stories, and the general patterns? Which patterns are visible across her work, and over the course of her career? Do the treatments change in time? Do they inform one another? All related topics are welcome.

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