Global Session on Sexuality

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Abstract and Booking Deadline: August 1, 2010
This subject matter is of an adult nature and is intended to be discussed by those contributing in an adult and professional manner.

(This session is limited to 20 participants. Please book today to ensure your placement)

To some, sexuality is deeply personal; to others it is a way of life. Sexuality is a very real and important aspect in the lives of all creatures by simple way of its necessity for procreation. Sexuality can be a highly sensitive topic in certain company, but in the company of ABWFA, it is a topic that is important to bring to the forefront, many aspects such as youth and sexuality, harrassment, and media.

ABWFA is opening the doorway to the discussion of sexuality by means of an open virtual conference. We invite scholars, industry professionals, media experts, independents, and academic leaders to write openly and freely on this subject matter without fear of repurcussion.

Here are some topics of discussion that are meant as fuel for the discussion. Please feel free to submit your abstract on any of these topics or other areas of discussion that compliment any aspect of our subject matter: Sexuality.

1. Talking to Your Child about Sex
2. Sex in the Media
3. Advertising and Sexual Appeal
4. Literary Examples
6. Sex Education
7. Sexual Discussion in the Military
8. Taboo Practices
9. Fetishes
10. Advancements in Medicine Relating to Sexuality

Use this button to book your participation in the discussion. PayPal payments are processed through our parent company, V&A and will be reflected as such on the PayPal payment site. Once your payment is submitted, you will arrive at our contact page to submit the remainder of your information.

Your abstract should be about 300 words in length and give the overall feel for your full-length 8-10 page paper that will be submitted. Once your abstract and payment is received, your abstract will be published on this website on the corresponding session page. You will receive confirmation of the receipt of your abstract. If you have not received your confirmation within 24 hours, please assume that we have not received it and resubmit.

Upon the deadline, all abstract posts will close for new entries and the next deadline becomes due. This is for the presentation of your 8-10 page paper based on your abstract. This is the paper that will become a part of the full-length eBook which contains all papers from all participants. Submission deadline for full length paper is September 30, 2010.

An extended length paper will be required for participation in the hard copy version of the paper. This paper will need to be 16-24 pages in length and present a full view of your paper.

Download Abstract Guidelines (.pdf)