NVSA Conference 2011

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Northeast Victorian Studies Association
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NVSA solicits submissions for its annual conference; the topic this year

The Northeast Victorian Studies Association calls for papers considering the ways Victorians organized information, knowledge, concepts, phenomena, and materials. They classified, categorized, connected, synthesized, and unified; they constructed technological, conceptual, and theoretical systems; they archived historical records and artifacts. This year's conference will take up that Victorian systematizing, its forms of organization and its explanatory structures. What kind of systems and systematic thinking were developed in the period? What is distinctive about Victorian approaches to systems? How and why did Victorians arrange, record, and store information? What are the metaphors of systems? What kind of subjects generated archives and what were the principles of organization? What constitutes an archive and is an archive always a system? And how and why were systems resisted? We especially seek papers that reflect upon the nature, conceptions, and representation of systems and archives.

See NVSA website for more information: http://web.stonehill.edu/nvsa/

Proposals (no more than 500 words) by Oct. 15, 2010 (e-mail submissionsonly, please):

Professor Tanya Agathocleous, Chair, NVSA Program Committee,(tagathoc@hunter.cuny.edu).

Please note: all submissions to NVSA are evaluated anonymously.

Successful proposals will stay within the 500-word limit and make a compelling case for the talk and its relation to the conference topic.

Please do not send complete papers, and do not include your name on the proposal.

Please do include your name, institutional and email addresses, and proposal title in a cover letter. Papers should take 15 minutes (20 minutes maximum) so as to provide ample time for discussion.